there is 與there has哪個對?

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there is 與there has哪個對?

有什麼東西在什麼地方的文法句型,看似簡單,卻有人永遠搞不清楚到底有沒有there have 或there has的用法。答案是「there is 與there has都是對的文法,只是時態不一樣」。很多人都會傻傻誤以為「there is /there are 」的there 翻成「那裡」,因此在現在式的時態中,會自動補腦「have 與has」,因此常常會出現there has a pen on the desk.的句型。殊不知犯了嚴重的錯誤。但實際上there is/ there are 的中文意思是「有」,且主詞是後面的名詞,be動詞依照後面的名詞單複數做變化。若要表示「某人擁有」就必須使用have 與 has。 Mary has a pen.(瑪莉擁有一支筆。)

There is/are 的句型文法正確的說法應該是「there be」+「數量詞」+「真主詞(名詞)」+「地方副詞」。因此,be動詞是需要依照「時態」來做變化的。

現在式:There is/are

因此只有There is a pen on the desk.(O)

沒有There has a pen on the desk.(X)的用法。

have 與has 當「擁有」翻譯時,主詞一定要是「人」。

There are some flowers in the garden.(O)

There have some flowers in the garden.(X)

過去式:There was/were


There was a supermarket on the corner. (過去在角落有一間超市。)

There were many trees in the park. (以前公園裡有許多樹。)

未來式 There will be


There will be a shopping mall in the downtown. (鬧區即將有一間購物中心。)

現在完成式 There have/ has been 表示「曾經有過」

There has been a heavy rain warning in this area.(這個區域曾經有大雨警報。)

There have been some earthquakes since last month.(自從上個月到現在已經有好幾次地震。)

推測語氣 There must /should/would be

There must be some food in the kitchen.(廚房裡應該有許多食物。)

There seem to /tend to /happen to

The washing machine doesn’t work. There seems to be some problem. 洗衣機沒有運作。似乎有一些問題。


There remained fifiteen dollars in my pocket.我口袋還有15元。

There stands a transmission tower in the town.鎮上坐立一座高壓電塔。

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