What’s the weather like? 詢問天氣文法

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What’s the weather like?(+地方副詞+時間副詞)? 

(一) 用疑問詞 what 為首詢問天氣的問句,weather 之後要加like。

(二) 以 What’s the weather like 為首詢問某時某地的天氣狀況時,地點一樣要放在時間之前。

(三) What’s 為 What  is的縮寫,若詢問過去時間,可用 What was 為句首造句。

(1)What’s the weather like today?(今天天氣如何?)

(2) What’s the weather like in Taipei in April?(臺北四月的天氣如何?)

→ 地點在時間之前。

How’s the weather(+地方副詞+時間副詞)?

(一) 用疑問詞 How 為首詢問天氣的問句,weather 之後不加like。

(二) 以 How’s the weather 為首詢問某時某地的天氣狀況時,地點要放在時間之前。

(三) How’s 為 How is 的縮寫,若詢問過去時間,可用 How was為句首造句。

(1) How’s the weather today?(今天天氣如何?)

(2) How’s the weather in Taipei in summer?(在夏天,臺灣的天氣如何?)

→ 地點在時間之前


1.How was the weather in  Taipei yesterday?(臺北昨天的天氣如何?)

2.What is the weather like in your hometown?(你家鄉的天氣如何?)

3.How is the weather in Taiwan in July ?(臺灣七月的天氣如何?)

4.What  is the weather like in Canada in winter?(加拿大冬天的天氣如何?)

回答天氣句型It is / was+形容詞.

(1)「It is / was+形容詞.」(2)「The weather is / was+形容詞.」

1.用來表示天氣的主詞可以用It或The weather。

The weather is nice today.(今天的天氣很好。)=  It is nice today.

雖然It is / was及The weather is / was可以交互使用,但如果上下文看不出來是在談論天氣的話,主詞就不能用It is開頭。因為It is可以用來形容許多事物(如:書、狗、花、筆…)



(1) The weather today in Taipei is rainy.(臺北今天的天氣是下雨天。)

(2) A: What is the weather like in Tainan? =A:How is the weather in Tainan?


B: It is sunny.(是晴天。)


1.高雄夏天的天氣如何?  高雄夏天很熱。

What’s the weather like in Kaohsiung in summer?

It’s hot in Kaohsiung in summer.

2.台北冬天天氣如何? 台北冬天天氣冷。

How’s the weather in Taipei in winter?

It’s cold in Taipei in winter.

3. How’s the weather in September?(以「涼爽又乾燥」回答)

It’s cold and dry.


「It+天氣的動詞…+地方副詞+時間副詞」及「It is+天氣的動詞 (-ing)…+地方副詞+時間副詞」

rain 及 snow當動詞時,分別表示「下雨」及「下雪」。當句中有表示天氣的動詞時,主詞要用It。

(1) It snows / rains in Japan today.(今天日本下雪 / 下雨了。)

(2) It snowed/ rained yesterday here.(這裡昨天下雪 / 下雨了。)

(3) In Taiwan, it usually rains a lot in May.(在臺灣,五月時通常下很多雨。)

俚語 It’s raining cats and dogs. → 天上下著貓和狗,意思是「下著傾盆大雨」。


1.現在沒有在下雨。→It doesn’t rain now.

2.看!下雨了。→  Look! It’s raining.

3.今年的耶誕節有下雪。→It snowed on Christmas this year.

回答天氣句型There is 與We have

回答天氣怎麼樣句型:「There is+天氣的名詞+地方副詞+時間副詞.」以及「主詞+have+天氣的名詞+地方副詞+時間副詞.」

(1) 表達說話者當地的天氣狀況時,主詞用we,表達其他地方的天氣狀況時,主詞用they。

(2) rain 和 snow 在這裡作名詞用,不加 -s(不可數名詞)。另外兩字也可換成 shower(陣風)或 typhoon(颱風),但兩者作可數名詞用,須加 -s。

There is+天氣的名詞+地方副詞+時間副詞.

(1) There is a lot of rain in Taiwan in summer.(臺灣夏天會下很多雨)

(2) Is there a lot of snow in Japan in December?(日本十二月時有很多雪嗎?)

(3) There are a lot of typhoons in Taiwan in summer. (台灣夏天有很多颱風。)


(1) We have a lot of rain here today.(我們這裡今天下很多雨。)說話者在其所提到的地方

(2) Do you have any snow there? 你們那裡有下雪嗎?

(3) They didn’t have any rain there last week.(他們那裡上個禮拜沒有下任何雨。)  說話者不在其所提到的地方。


1.They usually have a lot of rain in summer.(改為否定句)

They don’t usually have a lot of rain in summer.


There are a lot of snow in Canada in winter.


thunder(雷)afternoon thunder shower(午後雷陣雨)shower(陣雨)fog(霧)sunshine(陽光)wind(風)cloud(雲)

We have some clouds and fogs today.(我們這裡今天有點雲、有點霧。)



(  D  ) 1.It was very__________ this morning. My hat was blown away when I was walking on the street. (A) cloudy   (B) dry   (C) warm   (D) windy

(  D  ) 2. The weather is going to be really________, so I don’t think you should take a heavy coat on your trip.(A) clear but windy(B) cold but dry (C) cool and wet (D) hot and sunny

(  B  ) 3. The weather is not always good in Taipei. It________ a lot.(A) rain(B) rains(C) rained(D) has rain

(  D  ) 4. ______usually no snow in Taiwan in winter.(A) There was(B) It is(C) It was(D) There is

(  B  ) 5. Look! ______raining. Don’t forget your umbrella.(A) There was(B) It is(C) It was(D) There is

(  C  ) 6._______windy and rainy yesterday. I didn’t go out.(A) There was(B) It is(C) It was(D) There is

(  A  ) 7.________ a lot of snow last year on Christmas.(A) There was(B) It is(C) It was(D) There is

(  D ) 8 .May:________was the weather yesterday? Jane: It’s cold.(A) When(B) Why(C) What(D) How

(  C ) 9.Jason:What’s the weather_______in Keelung in January?Paul:It’s usually rainy.(A) be(B) do(C) like (D) ×

( C  ) 10..It usually________ a lot in Taiwan in April.(A) warm (B) rainy(C) rains(D) hot

( A  ) 11.Jean:It’s _________ today. How about going swimming with me?Jim:It’s a good idea.(A) hot(B) easy(C) big(D) polite

( D )12. Nancy:What’s the weather like here in winter?Laura:________ usually have a lot of snow in winter.(A) I    (B) There    (C) It    (D) We

( B )13.Ben: What’s the weather like______? Cindy:It’s sunny.(A) in Taiwan March  (B) in Taiwan in March(C) in March Taiwan   (D) in March in Taiwan

1.How is the weather today?  今天天氣如何?

2.They usually have rain in May and June. 我們這裡五月與六月通常下雨

3.I didn’t go out because it was raining. 因為下雨我們沒有外出

4.What was the weather like yesterday? 昨天的天氣如何呢?

5.The weather is cold, and it is raining now. Let’s stay at home.


6.There was rain here last week. 上週這裡有下雨

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