too…to… / so… that …文法講義

too…to 太…而不能… 

主詞+be動詞+too+形容詞+for 人+to VR.
The house in Taipei is too expensive to for us to buy.(台北的房子太貴了以致於無法買。)
主詞+一般動詞+too+副詞+for 人+to VR.
Jason speaks English too quickly for Mary to understand.

若句中要加入其他對象,則須以for 人  放在to V 前


1.  Hank is too weak to go to school.   Hank 太虛弱以致於無法上學。

2.  They are too hungry to fall asleep.他們太餓了以致於無法入睡。

3.  The student is too young to drive a car.學生太年輕以致於無法開車。

4.  He is too tired to run fast. 他太累了以致於無法跑快。

5. The teacher is too angry to eat lunch.老師太生氣了以致於無法吃午餐。

too to 文法中翻英練習


The tea is too hot for me to drink.


She walked too slowly to catch on the bus.


 Lisa speak too fast to win the contest.

Lisa 說太快了以致於無法贏得比賽。(fast為副詞修飾speak)

2. Peter ran too slowly to win the game last year.

Peter去年 跑太慢了以致於無法贏得比賽。

So … that…  如此~以致於~

主詞+be動詞+ such 名詞 that 主詞 + 動詞

The house in Taipei is so expensive that we can’t buy it.
Jason speaks English so quickly that Mary can’t understand him.


too….to… 句型本來就有否定意思,因此不能再使用not。
So…that… 本身非否定用語,因此若要表示「太~以至於不能…」that之後須使用否定句。
The girl is too short to get the box.
The girl is so short that she can’t get the box.
The tea is too hot to drink.→drink 後不需再接it(the tea)
The tea is so hot that I can’t drink it.→that之後主詞為I ,需寫出it語意才完整。

關係代名詞 that 當連接詞使用,連接句子 ( 即 ” 主詞 + 動詞 ” 結構 )。


It  is so hot today that I feel like having ice cream.

It  is such a hot day that I feel like having ice cream.

too…to… / so… that …練習題

1.  Tina was busy. She didn’t eat lunch. (too…to…)

Tina is too busy to eat dinner. 


2.  I am hungry. I can eat a horse. (so…that…)

I am so hungry that I can eat a horse.


3.  The book is boring. I don’t want to read the book. (too…to…)

The book is too boring to read the book.


4.  Betty was excited. She kissed everyone in the room. (so…that…)

Betty was so excited that she kissed everyone in the room.


too to so that 文法翻譯練習

 1.  Cathy was too angry to say a word. Cathy 氣到無法說一句話

2.  This is  such  a dirty room that no one wants to get in. 這麼髒的房間沒有人想進入。

3.  He looks so pale that we all think he’s sick. 他看起來臉色蒼白我們都認為他生病了。

4.  Jane was so afraid that she shut herself in the room. Jane很害怕以至於她把自己封閉在房間內。

5.  The cap is too small for me to wear. 帽子對我來說太小了,無法戴。

6.  Candy is such a sweet girl that everybody likes her. Candy 是一位如此甜美的女孩每個人都喜歡她。

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