too to /so that /such that/enough to 文法

too to 文法 太~以致於不能~

A + be 動詞 +too+ adj.+ to 原型動詞.

I am too old to stand up by myself. 我太老了以至於無法獨自站立

A + 一般動詞+too+ adv.+ to 原型動詞.   

I ran too slowly to win the game. 我跑太慢以致於我無法贏得比賽 



One is never too old to learn. 活到老學到老

It’s never too late to learn. 活到老,學到老。

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.


若要表示對某人來說則把for 人加入在To VR之前

The vest is too small for Mary to wear.

注意:不使用to wear the vest or to wear it 因為To VR是補充說明用的,主詞the vest已經帶出受詞是the vest故不需再寫一次。

enough to文法句型 夠~~以致於能~

A+be V +adj.+ enough+to +VR.        be動詞以形容詞修飾

A+ V +adv.+ enough+to +VR.   一般動詞用副詞修飾

My parents think I am old enough to make my own decisions.


Mary is tall enough to get the book from the shelf.


She studies hard enough to get good grades.



如果用否定not Adj/Adv enough to則表示「不足以……;不夠……」。

The river is not clean enough to swim.


enough +N 足夠的~

Getting enough sleep is good for your health.


So that 文法句型 如此的~以致於~

A+be+so +adj.+that+S+V.

A+V+so +adv.+that+S+V.    

so為副詞,修飾形容詞或副詞  ;that 之後接完整子句(有主詞有動詞的句子),that之後的肯定或否定決定該句子是能夠或不能夠。

I am so old that I can’t stand up by myself. 我太老了以至於無法獨自站立

I ran so slowly that I can’t win the game. 我跑太慢以致於我無法贏得比賽

Mary is so tall that she can get the book from the shelf. 瑪莉夠高以至於能夠從櫃子拿書

She studies so hard that she can get good grades.他夠努力以致於能獲得好成績

The vest is so small that Mary can’t wear it.

注意: that 後面要使用完整語句,因此wear為及物動詞,因此需使用受詞it

such that文法句型

A+beV+such+N+that S+V. 如此地~以致於~

Mary is such a sweet girl that everyone likes her.


It’s such a big trouble that nobody wants to face it.


too to /so that練習題

  1. 他年紀太小了,所以不會讀也不會寫。

He is ______ young _______ he can _______ read _________ write.

so ; that ; either; or

  1. 他跑得很快,我們跟不上他

He ran so fast that we couldn’t catch up with him.

  1. 這孩子還沒到上學的年齡

The child is _______ young _______ go to school.  too; to

  1. 他很累,以致上課時他在桌子上睡著了。

He was so tired that he fell asleep at the desk in class. 

  1. 雖然這些書很重,但湯姆足夠壯可以搬運他們。

Although these books are heavy, Tom is strong enough to carry them.

  1. 她跑得那麼慢,所以她不能趕上我們。

She ran________ ________ that she ________ ________ up with us.

so slowly ; can’t catch

  1. 森林的空氣是那麼清新,因此很適合我們居住。

The air in the forest is _____ fresh _____ it is perfect _____ ______.

so; that ; to live

  1. 這個箱子如此重以至於她舉不動它.

The box is so heavy that  she can’t move it.

  1. 這位老漁夫雖然60多歲,但他仍然足夠強壯的推動這條船.

Although the old fisherman is over sixty, he still strong enough to move this boat.

  1. 這個箱子太重了,這個小孩子搬不動.

The box is too heavy for  the boy to carry.

  1. 水太涼,孩子們無法在這兒遊泳.

The water is too cold for the children to swim here.

The water is so cold that the children can’t swim here.

  1. 這個遊泳池足夠大了。它一次能容納200人遊泳。

This swimming pool is large enough to hold 200 people to swim at a time.

  1. 他年紀太小了不能上學

He is too young to go to school.

He is not old enough to go to school.

He is so young that he can’t go to school.


They were so brave that they face the damages from the earthquake.


He is so strong that he can lift the stone.


I’m not tall enough to reach the picture.

1. He isn’t _______to go to school.     (A)

   A . old enough   B. enough old   C. big enough   D. enough big

2. He wasn’t__________with his knife. He cut himself.  (A)

A . careful enough   B. enough careful  

C. carefully enough   D. enough carefully

3. The young man is not  __________  the box. (C)

A. enough strong to carry       B. strong enough carrying    

C. strong enough to carry       D. enough strong carrying

4. He is  _________ to go to school. (A)

A. old enough B. enough old C. big enough D. enough big

5. My mother brushed and loosened my hair so ________ that I felt very   comfortable. (C)

A. gentle B. rude  C. gently    D. rudely

6. The water isn’t warm enough for the children________. (C)

A. to swim         B. to swimming        

C. to swim in       D. to swimming in


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