There is/ There are 有…在….

There is / are文法句型(肯定句、否定句、疑問句、有…正在…):

There is/ There are肯定句文法:某處有…





There is

a table

in the house.

an apple







two sheep

in the house.

some chairs

many books

(1)There is / are為「有」之意,用於說明「在某處」存在「某人事物」。

(2)be動詞之後的「名詞」才是「真正的主詞」,故 be 動詞會依據其後的名詞做變化。因此,「單數名詞」,則與“there is”連用;「複數名詞」,則與“there are”連用。

(3)there is / are之後的「名詞」,不與the連用。若要說明「某物」的「數量」,「單數名詞」與不定冠詞“a”“an”連用;「複數名詞」則可與「數字」、many(許多)或some(一些)連用。

some只能用於肯定句,many 能用於肯定句、否定句及疑問句。

(4)There is可縮寫為There’s;但是there are不可縮寫。

There is /There are 肯定句文法練習題:

1.有一些老人在公園裡。 There are some old men in the park.

2.房間裡面有一張椅子。 There is a/ one chair in the room.

3.客廳裡有一隻猴子。There is a monkey in the living room.

4.房間裡有兩張沙發。There are two sofas in the bedroom.

5.有一個洋娃娃在盒子裡。 There is a doll in the box.

6.桌子上有三本書。 There are three books on the table.

7.教室裡有些學生。 There are some students in the classroom.

There is/There are 否定句:某處沒有…






is not

a dog

in the park.

an actress






are not

three fish

in the lake.

any ducks

many rocks

(1)There is not = There’s not = There isn’tThere are not = There aren’t


例:There are some koalas over there.(在那裡有一些無尾熊。)

例:There aren’t any birds in the tree. (樹上沒有鳥兒。)


(4)“nota / an+單數名詞“not any+複數名詞可以“no+名詞改寫。

例:There isn’t a chair in this room. = There’s no chair in this room.  


There aren’t any monkeys in the bathroom.(浴室裡沒有任何一隻猴子。)

There are no monkeys in the bathroom.(浴室裡沒有一隻猴子。)

There isn’t /There aren’t 問法練習題:

1.樹上沒有任何小鳥。There aren’t any birds in the tree.

2.書桌下一個橡皮擦也沒有。There isn’t an eraser under the desk.

3.那裡沒有七隻袋鼠。There aren’t seven kangaroos over there.

4.學校旁邊沒有很多房子。There aren’t many houses next to the school.

5.這裡附近沒有學校。There is no school near here.

6.There are some jackets in front of the sofa.(改為否定句)

There are not any jackets in front of the sofa.

7.There are some pigs in front of the house.(改為否定句)

There are not any pigs in front of the house.

8. There are some lions.(改為否定句)There are not any lions.

Are there/ Is there 疑問句:某處有…嗎?




肯定句:There are some houses near the park.(公園附近有一些房子。)

 疑問句:Are there any houses near the park?(公園附近有任何房子嗎?)


 A: Is there a teacher behind the students?

 B: Yes, there is.A:學生們的後面有位老師嗎? B:是的,有。)

 例:A: Are there two rabbits over there? 

     B: No. There are five (rabbits over there).

  A:那裡有兩隻兔子嗎? B:不,(那裡)有五隻(兔子)。)

 問:Are there any animals in the zoo?(動物園裡有任何動物嗎?)

答:Yes, there are. Yes, there are six animals in the zoo.          (是,動物園裡有六隻動物。)

Yes, there are some animals in the zoo.(是,動物園裡有一些動物。)

Yes, there are many animals in the zoo.(是,動物園裡有很多動物。)

答:No, there are not. No, there are not any animals in the zoo.


Are there/ Is there 文法練習題:

1.Jason:桌子上有一把鑰匙嗎? Tina:沒有。

 Jason: Is there a key on the table?

 Tina:       No, there isn’t.

 2.門後有一隻貓嗎?Is there a cat in back of the door?

 3.Betty:在客廳裡有任何沙發嗎? Tina:有,有二張沙發。

 Betty:Are there any sofas in the living room?

 Tina:Yes, there are two sofas in the living.

 4.Benny:房子裡有任何的老鼠嗎? Kate:不,沒有。

 Benny:     Are there any mice in the house?

 Kate:        No, there aren’t.

 There is /There are 文法練習題:


Are there any little dogs in the dog house?

2.A:獅子附近有隻大象嗎? B:是的,有。

A: Is there an elephant near the lion?  B: Yes, there is.

3.A:你的鉛筆盒裡有任何彩色筆嗎? B:不,沒有。

A: Are there any markers in your pencil case?  B: No, there aren’t.

4.A:這裡有四隻袋鼠嗎? B:不。有六隻。

A: Are there four kangaroos here?  B: No.  There are six.

(B)1.Is there       elephant over there?

   (A) a  (B) an  (C) no  (D) the

(A)2.There is       dog in the house.

   (A) no  (B) an (C) the  (D) our

(C)3.There aren’t       books under the sofa.

   (A) no  (B) some (C) any (D) the

(D)4.Are there       erasers in your pencil case?

   (A) no (B) some (C) the  (D) any

(D)5.A: Is there a little rabbit behind the sofa?  B:      

   (A) Yes, it is.(B) Yes, there are.(C) Yes, they are.(D) Yes, there is.

There is /There are +名詞 +動名詞 +地方副詞



There is a girl dancing under the tree.


There are three birds singing in the tree.


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