Thank 人 for 事 &英文感嘆句

Thank 人 for 事 為某事感謝某人

Thanks for letting the world know how busy we student in Taiwan is.


Thank you for your attention.= Thank you for your time. (感謝您的注意。)

Thank you for your patience.(感謝您的耐心。)

Thanks for your help.感謝您的幫忙。

Thanks for everything.感謝一切事物。

Thanks= thank you 感謝你

For為介係詞後加N/V-ing 名詞或動名詞


How busy we student in Taiwan is.本身為名詞子句的句型,當作know的受詞


How adj. S+V. 或 How adv. S+ V. 主詞動詞可以省略


亦可使用What +N.的句型

What an excellent performance (it is).多麼棒的表演阿~~

How excellent  the performance is.= How excellent it is.

What a beautiful flower! 多麼美的花阿~

=How beautiful the flower is. =How beautiful it is.


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