sth occurs to sb 某人想到

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sth occurs to sb 某人想到

The good idea occurred to Jessie when she was watering the flower Now, we can solve the big problem. Jessie正在澆花時想到一個好主意。現在我們可以解決那個大問題了。

cross one’s mind 突然想起

It crosses my mind that I forget to turn off the TV. 我突然想到我忘記關電視了。

sth comes into one’s mind …浮上某人的心頭

The thought came into the teacher’s mind that Judy cheated on a test.

be struck by sth 突然想起某事

Cindy was struck by the thought that she hadn’t fed her cat yet. Cindy 突然想到她還沒有餵貓。

  • mean to vr 打算做及mean ving 意思是
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  • make it possible for 人to V使某人能文法
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  • 區別A與B英文怎麼說 A be different from B in
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  • out of fashion out of 系列片語
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  • 英語片語 eat humble pie 坦承錯誤
  • 說服某人做某事英文怎麼說 persuade sb. into v-ing
  • 開心高興英文怎麼說be delighted to VR
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  • look up /look up to sb



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