sit=be seated =seat oneself 容易混淆的主被動


sit=be seated =seat oneself (坐)

Cindy sat by the window. (Cindy 坐在窗邊)

=Cindy was seated by the window.

=Cindy seated herself by the window.

lie =be located = be situated (位於)

Yangmingshan National Park lies on the north of Taiwan. (陽明山位於台灣北部)

=Yangmingshan National Park is located on the north of Taiwan.

=Yangmingshan National Park is situated on the north of Taiwan.

dress onself in = be dressed in (穿著)

Linda dressed herself in a yellow dress.(Linda穿著一件黃色的洋裝)

=Linda was dressed in a yellow dress.

take place= be held(舉行)

The basketball game will take place tomorrow.(籃球比賽將於明天舉行)

=The basketball game will be held tomorrow.


( C )1. Mary is ________ a pink T-shirt which she bought the day before yesterday.

(A) dressed by (B)dressing by (C) dressed in (D) dressing in

( A )2. Kenting National Park _______ on the sourthern tip of Taiwan.

(A) is situated (B)lay (C)is standing (D) is lain

( B )3. Judy was ________ next to me while we were in elementary school.

(A) sat (B) seated (C) sitting (D) seating

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  • sit=be seated =seat oneself 容易混淆的主被動
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