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C41 Even if I __________drive the tour bus, I wouldn’t. Let’s wait for the driver.
(A)can (B)shall (C)could (D)will


Even if 為連接詞前後時態要一致

A42 Let’s call it a day, __________?
(A)shall we (B) will you (C) isn’t it (D)won’t you

C43 One of the issues that come up in the modern life is people using their electronic devices while walking. When they do so, it is very difficult to be___________ of what is going on around them.
(A)filled (B) astonished(C)aware (D)unconscious


(A) be filled with 充滿 (B)感到震驚的;覺得驚駭的 (C) be aware of 驚覺;注意(D)無意識

B44 The bus service is unavailable __________eight o’clock on Monday morning.
(A)in (B) until (C) while (D) for

公車停止服務到星期一早上八點 until直到

D45 The city government legislated an increase in fines for those who do not ______their seat belts. The new rule becomes effective next month.
(A)tie 繫;領帶(B)swipen.重擊;尖銳的評論;柄,握桿;vt.重擊;刷(磁卡);偷竊;vi.猛打; (C) obsess 困擾; 使痴迷(D)fasten 紮牢;繫緊;閂住;釘牢


fasten on’s seat belt 繫安全帶

C46 If all of us travel to Penghu _______ferry as opposed to flying, we could save up to 10,000 dollars.
(A)in (B) at (C)by(D) of



B47 This website introduces the best travel planning apps which could help you plan your__________ , and make sure your tickets and connections are all lined up.
(A)organization 組織 (B) itinerary 行程 (C) proposal建議,提議;計畫;提案 (D)diary 日記


A.48 The store adjacent to the hotel is a convenience store which provides a range of everyday items such as _________, snacks, or drinks.
(A)groceries 雜貨(B) techniques 技術(C)glossaries詞彙表 (D) luxuries 奢侈品


A.49 One_______ between a turtle 海龜and a tortoise陸龜 is that tortoises live only on land.
(A)distinction分別(B) indifference 漠不關心(C) characteristic
特性 (D)direction 方向

C.50 A person whose job is to translate information from one language to another is called an__________ .
(A)interviewer 面試官(B)counselor顧問 (C) interpreter翻譯員 (D)leader 領導

B.51 When the athlete ________one of his greatest performances, he received a standing ovation歡呼 from the audience.

(A)referred to (B) pulled off (C)pulled over (D)handed in

1. pull off= take off 脫下

例句: He pulled off his wet jeans.


2. pull off 成功

例句: His project looked impossible, but he pulled it off.


3. pull off 車停到路邊

例句: I pulled off the road and stopped to look around.

C.52 The Michelin Guide Taipei, also known as the bible for global fine__________ , will be available in Taiwan in the first quarter of 2018.
(A)cruise 巡航(B) supper 晚餐(C) cuisine烹飪(D)shopping 購物

A53 Some people spent years saving up money ______to take a long-term dream trip.
(A)in order (B) in tune (C)on duty (D)on top

有些人花了幾年存錢為了長途旅遊的夢想。In order to= so as to 為了
B.54 The National Palace Museum provides a special children’s audio guide to allow children to learn more about the _______on display.
(A)presentations演講, 報告,演講,陳述, 授予,頒發, 外觀, 外觀 (B)exhibitions展覽 (C)concerts 音樂會(D)participations 參加,參與

D.55 The museum audio guide is available in several languages, such as English, Japanese and Spanish, at a cost of NT$150 per_______ .
(A)inventor (B) value價值,價格(C) receipt收據 (D)rental租金额, 租金收入, 租貸, 租用



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