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16. C

(A) What do you say to going for a walk after work?

What do you say to V-ing 表意下如何?

(B) I am not used to taking buses, for I usually drive everywhere.

be used to V-ing (現在習慣) for 為連接詞表因為

be used to VR (被使用來~) uesd to RV (過去習慣做~)

(C) In the basement have boxes of toys the children no longer play with.

地方/方向副詞(片語)+ be V / 不及物 V + S.

In the badement have the children no longer play with boxes of toys.

(D) A bad-tempered person has problems controlling his temper and gets angry easily.

have problem (in) V-ing (在哪方面有困難/問題)

17. A

(A) Books are to mankind, so memory is to an individual.

注意 AB CD 的順序,以及動詞之倒裝位置。
A is to B what C is to D.A is to B as C is to D.
What C is to D, that is A to B.As C is to D, so is A to B.

Books are to mankind what memory is to the individual.

=Books are to mankind as memory is to the individual.

= What memory is to the individual, that are books to mamkind.

=As memory is to the individual, so are books to mankind.


(B) If I won the lottery, I would donate most of the money to charities.


(C) John barely has enough money to pay the rent, let alone pay for a new car. VR VR

let alone,通常用於帶否定意味的句子後。

not to mention / to say nothing of / not to speak of +「名詞或動名詞」。

肯定意味的句子 + still more / much more,意指「而且還…」。前方只能搭配肯定的句子。

否定意味的句子 + still less / much less,意指「更別提;更不用說」。前方只能搭配否定的句子

而let alone及much less則只能用於否定句中, 且因其具有連接詞的作用, 故其後應置與其前相同的詞類。
(D) Peggy would rather remain single than marry someone she doesn’t love.


prefer to VR rather than VR 是…而不是… 文法

18. C

(A) The cellphone has been all the rage since it hit the market in 2005.

hit(三態同型,since 後只接過去式動詞)

(B) Facebook makes it possible for us to get to know people from all over the world.

(C) The doctor suggests that everyone has five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

1.suggest + that + S+ (should) + VR→名詞子句(當受詞)
2.suggest + Ving

(D) I never pass by the elementary school without thinking of the days I spent ther

19. B

(A) Your hair is too long; it is right time you had a haircut.

It is(was) high/about time that S V-ed /S should VR.

(B) This year, they harvested three times much as what they did last year.


They harvested three times as much as what they did last year.

(C) Lisa was furious when she saw his boyfriend holding another

girl’s hand. saw感官動詞+V-ing/VR

(D) Despite buying a new computer, Terry still doesn’t have

Internet access.

Despite + N / V-ing, S + V. = S + V + despite + N / V-ing.

despite 可用 in spite of 替換

despitein spite of 不可直接接子句,須在子句前加 the fact that

20. D

(A) The dog walked over to me with his tail wagging. (主動V-ing)


基本結構:(With) + O + V-ing/V-p.p. …, S + V… (with 可省略而形成獨立分詞構句)

(B) There is no denying that Leonardo da Vinci is indeed a versatile genius.

(C) This morning, a flock of birds sat on a fence as if having waited for a long time.

as if/as though 後面子句的動詞發生時間較早或已完成。

S + V-ed + as if/as though + S + had + p.p.

分詞構句中,附屬連接詞不可省略者如unless (除非), once (一旦), as (如同), even if/though (即使), as if (彷彿/好像), until (直到) 等。

(D) Had Peter fastened his seat belt yesterday, he might not have so

serious injuries.

If Peter had fastened his seat belt yesterday, he had not so serious injuries. (與現反)

21. B

(A) Should my sister call me, tell her I’m in the middle of the meeting.

句型: If S+ should+VR, 祈使句.極不可能發生(萬一)省略if倒裝

(B) To get rid of your headache, all you have to do is taking the magic pill.

All you have to do is to VR.

(C) Efficiently as the men build, the house will still take months to complete. Adj/Adv/N+as/though+S+V 儘管雖然 N無冠詞

(D) But for my mentor’s support, I might have given up my decision on studying abroad. But for N(要不是~) 與過去事實相反

22. C

(A) The more often you use your brains, the sharper you will be.

The 比較級 S+V, the 比較級 S+V (愈…,愈…)

原句:If you use your brains more often, you will be sharper.

(B) For me, nothing is more precious than parents’ love in the world.

(C) It wasn’t until he lost the game did he realize the importance of practice.

Not until he lost the game did he realize the importance of practice.

It wasn’t until he lost the game that he realize the importance of practice.

(D) My mother thinks it is essential that everyone in our family help with the household chores.

23. B

(A) To forgive is one thing; to forget is another.

(B) Tom tiptoed up the stairs lest he might waken his parents.

… lest + S + (should) V原
for fear that + S + might/ should/ may V原。
介係詞「以免…;唯恐」for fear of 後方需搭配名詞或動名詞 Ving。
(C) By the time my parents come home tomorrow, I will have finished my work.

(D) Convinced that she could never learn to play the piano, she stopped taking lessons.

24. A

(A) Such my amazement was that I became speechless then.

「如此……以致於……S + be V + such + that S + V

倒裝句型:Such + be V + S + that S + V

此句型中,such 為形容詞,故其後不接形容詞或副詞

Such was my amazement that I became speechless then.

S + be V + so + Adj. + that S + V

倒裝句型:So + Adj. + be V + S + that S + V

(B) Money isn’t worth having if you don’t know how to make good use of it.

worth worthy worthwhile文法

(C) Only when we gather strength to face obstacles can we succeed in real life.

絕不:never、by no means、under no circumstances、on no account、in no way


直到…才…:not until

再也不:no longer

一…就…:no sooner …than…

不只…而且…:not only + 句子1 , but also + 句子2 (句子1需倒裝)

(D) She should have sensed my uneasiness, for she quickly glanced away and pretended nothing had happened.

25. B

(A) What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

(B) The rain spoiled our holiday. How I wish it were a fine day yesterday.

I wish it had been a fine day yesterday.

(C) When she heard the heart-breaking news, she couldn’t help bursting out crying.

can’t (couldn’t) but + V 忍不住;不得不

can’t (couldn’t) help but + V 原型動詞

can not help + V-ing


can do nothing but + V

have no (other) choice / option / alternative + but to V

(D) It being a rainy day, people took cars or buses to work instead of walking.



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