190.St. flash into one’s mind突然想到

A good idea flashed into Mary’s mind, and she wrote down it in a flash.有一個好主意突然閃過,瑪莉立刻將他記下。

191.St. occur to Sb. 想到

His cellphone number didn’t occur to my memory.我就是記不起他的電話號碼。

192.focus on 集中於;專注於 Please focus on the game.請專注於比賽。

193.follow suit 照著做 You don’t have to create a new way. Just follow suit. 你不需要創造一個新的方式,只要照做就可以了。

194.fool about / around 閒蕩;徘徊 Jack fools around all day long.傑克整天閒晃(無所事事)。

195.hang about / around 閒蕩;徘徊

He did not like to hang about all day doing nothing. 他不喜歡整天閒逛甚麼事情也不幹。

196.hang out 閒蕩;徘徊 Would you like to hang out at my place?你要來我家消磨時間(kill time)嗎?

Mary like to hang out with friends and going to the party. 瑪莉喜歡和朋友外出以及去參加派對。

197.stroll along 閒蕩;徘徊 Let’s take a stroll along the shore.我們沿著海岸走走吧。

198.get ahead 進步;成功 She’s keen to get ahead in her career. 她熱望在事業上出人頭地。

199.get along 進展;相處 How is my son getting along with his studies? 我兒子學習上進展如何?

Nike gets along well with his classmates.尼克與同學相處融洽。

200.get along with Sb. 相處 Judy gets along with me these days.Judy最近跟我相處的不錯。

Get along with you! (用以表示不相信或溫和的反駁)去你的吧!, 胡扯!

A:How old are you?你幾歲? B:I’m fifty years old. 我五十歲。

A: Get along with you! 胡扯! You don’t look a day ove forty.你看上去頂多四十歲。

201.get away 逃離;離開

202.get away with St. 做壞事沒被發現

203.get back 回家;取回

204.get by 勉強度日

205.get close to 接近

206.get even with Sb. 報復某人

207.get fired 開除;解僱

208.get hold of 連繫

209.get hooked on 上癮;迷上

210.get hot幾乎猜著

211.get into trouble / scrapes 惹上麻煩

Kate got into trouble when he broke her neighbor’s window.Kate 惹上麻煩當他打破鄰居家的窗戶。

212.get into a jam 陷入困境

213.get in touch with Sb. 和連繫

I get in touch with my classmates.我和同學保持聯繫。

214.get involved in 介入;涉及

Lily gets involved in the car accident. Lily 涉及車禍。

215.get lost 迷路 I got lost. Could you help me?.我迷路了,你可以幫我嗎?

216.get nerves 緊張

217.get off 動身;擺脫困境

218.get on 進展;繼續

219.get on one’s nerves 令人心煩;發脾氣

220.get one’s own way 隨心所欲

221.get over 恢復;結束

222.get rid of 消除;去除

223.get ripped off 被敲竹槓

224.get St. over with 做完了

225.get stuck 困住了;難倒了

226.get the better of 勝過

227.get the feel of St. 習慣;熟悉

228.get through 成功;完成

229.get tired of 厭倦

230.get bored with 厭煩

231.get sick of厭煩

232.get to 到達

233.get / stand in one’s way 擋路;阻礙

234.give a big hand 鼓掌

235.give an ear to Sb. 洗耳恭聽

236.give Sb. a break 使人有喘息的機會

237.give Sb. a ring 打電話給

238.give away 捐贈;分送

239.give in to 屈服;讓步

240.give rise to 引起;導致

241.give off 散發出

242.give out 分發;公布

243.go without saying 不用說

244.give up 放棄;自首

245.pass up 放過;錯過

246.give Sb. the cold shoulder 冷落某人

247.go about V-ing 著手從事

248.go ahead 請吧;開始

249.go all out 盡全力

250.go around 流傳;縈繞

251.go broke 破產

252.go for broke 孤注一擲

253.go Dutch 各付各的

254.go halves with Sb. 與某人分擔費用

255.go for 抨擊;爭取;喜歡

256.go from bad to worse 每下愈況

257.go in for 參加;喜歡

258.go into V-ing 從事於;投入

259.go on with 繼續

260.go right 做得對

261.go wrong 做錯;出毛病

262.go strong 旺盛

263.go through 經歷;吃完;檢視

264.go too far 太過分

265.go up to 到達;延長至

266.go with 相配;伴隨

267.grow up 長大;發展

268.had better V. 最好

269.hand down 傳給後代

270.hand in 繳交

271.turn in 繳交

272.hand it to Sb. 讚揚某人

273.hand over 送交;移交

274.hold on 緊抓著;堅持

275.hand on to St. 緊抓著;堅持

276.happen to V. 碰巧

277.hark back 回想…

278.have a green thumb 有園藝才能

Hebe has a green thumb. Hebe擅長園藝。

279.have a liking for 喜愛 James has a liking for sports.James 喜歡運動。

280.have a taste for St. 對…喜愛

I have a taste for Thai Cuisine.我喜歡泰國菜。

281.have an effect on 有影響

The new medicine had a positive effect on the hepatitis B. (新藥對B型肝炎產生了正向影響。)

282.have an influence on 有影響

Somking has an bad influence on your health.抽菸對你的身體健康有影響。

283.have it in for Sb. 和某人過不去

The teacher has always had it in for me ever since I quarrel with her.那位老師總是和我過不去,自從我跟他吵架後。

284.have it out with Sb. 和某人說清楚

She makes noise every night, and I thought I had better have it out with her.


285.have no idea of 完全不知道

Please believe me. I hace no idea of this matter. 我完全不知道這件事。

  • mean to vr 打算做及mean ving 意思是
  • With regard to 與 in regard to及regarding 用法
  • be responsible for sth. 對…負責
  • Give sb. a hand vs Give sb. a big hand
  • make it possible for 人to V使某人能文法
  • be made from be made of 文法
  • 區別A與B英文怎麼說 A be different from B in
  • differ in differ from differ with 用法
  • work in /work for /work out /work at
  • out of fashion out of 系列片語
  • 輪流做某事英文怎麼說
  • use your noodle 是什麼意思
  • 英語片語 eat humble pie 坦承錯誤
  • 說服某人做某事英文怎麼說 persuade sb. into v-ing
  • 開心高興英文怎麼說be delighted to VR
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  • look up /look up to sb



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