out of fashion out of 系列片語

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out of fashion  不合時尚,不流行的  

in fashion 合時宜的,時髦,和潮流的

The writing style is out of fashion. = The writing style is out of date.


The dress which the girl wears is in fashion.那女孩穿的洋裝很時髦。

out of date (衣服、顏色、樣式等)過時的,不時興的,陳舊的; (資訊)過時的,無用的,不準確的

out of print  絕版

The magazine has been out out of print, you should keep it well.那本雜誌已經絕版了,你應該要保存好。

in print已出版, 在銷售中;已出版的;印出來;在發行

Is her work still in print? 她的書還能買得到嗎?

out of step 步調不一致

He is out of step with his classmates. He can’t catch up with them.他與同學步調不一致。他無法趕上他們。

He is out of step of same-sex marriage. 他與同婚思想不合拍。

in step 步調一致

Gasoline prices rose in step with oil prices. 石油價格與油價同時上漲。

out of breath 上氣不接下氣

By the time I got to the top of the hill , I was quite out of breath .


in a breath 一氣,一舉

In a breath , the street was empty. 轉眼之間,大街上就空無一人了。

in the same breath 同時,緊接著(指同時説出兩件相抵觸的事)

You say he treats you badly but in the same breath you tell me how much you love him!


He praised my work and in the same breath told me I would have to leave. 他稱讚我工作好, 剛說完就讓我離職。

She laughed and cried in the same breath. 她又哭又笑。

be mentioned in the same breath 相提並論

Distance learning is becoming mature in developing countries, but it cannot be mentioned in the same breath with the mature technology in the developed countries.


out of context 離開上下文;脫離特定的背景

out of control 不受控制; 失去控制 = out of hand失去控制

The horse got out of control and Cindy lose the competition by accident.


under control 在控制之下; 處於正常

Everything was under control after Jeff quitted the job.在Jeff辭職後就一切正常了。

out of curiosity 出於好奇

Out of curiosity, how much did it cost you to get here ?


out of doors  在戶外; 在露天  indoors往室內;在室內

out of duty 基於責任、基於道義

He deals with the problem out of duty.他只是基於道義處理這個問題。  on duty 值班

Don’t call your mother. She is still on duty. 不要打電話給你母親。他仍然在執勤中。

at hand 即將到來的、在手邊的、在附近的 (on the corner)

The music concert is at hand. 音樂會快到了。

I always have my cellphone at hand when I go out. 我出門時手邊都會有手機。

on hand 手頭上的、待處理的

I have no cash on/in hand. 我手頭上沒有現金。

There are much work on hand, so I can’t go out with you.


in hand 手頭上的、正在進行的、掌握住的

We should finish the work we have in hand before we begin something new.


by hand 手製的、手工的

This soap is made by hand.


out of one’s mind 神經錯亂

The troubles he met has driven him out of his mind. 他遭遇的麻煩已經使他精神錯亂。

in one’s right mind  精神正常

That was a stupid thing to do. You’re not in your right mind. /You can’t be in your right mind! 做這件事是愚蠢的,你精神不正常了。

out of order 不妥的;惹人討厭的; 發生故障

The copy machine is out of order. 印表機發生故障了

His behavior in class is out of order. 他在課堂上的行為不妥。

in order  按順序; 情況良好

Everything is in order for the meeting. 會議一切都進行得有條不紊。

out of pity 出於憐憫

She agreed to go out with him more out of pity than anything.


out of place 不在正確的位置

Some of these books are out of place. Please put them back in the right place. 其中這幾本書放得不是地方。請把它們放回正確的位置上。


It was out of place for you to take a nap when you are in the meeting.


in place 在正確的地方, 恰當

I like to have everthing in place. 我喜歡把一切東西都放在他適當的位置。

Your advice is quite in place. 你的建議很恰當。

out of practice 疏於實踐或練習

She has been out of practice for a whole year. 她已整整一年沒有練習了

in practice 在實踐上; 實際上

You should keep yourself in practice. 你應該經常練習。

out of reach 拿不著

Keep all medicines out of reach of children. 把所有的藥放在孩子們拿不到的地方。

out of respect for 出於對…尊敬,出於對….的考慮

Out of respect for her disease, she doesn’t eat sugar products


out of sight 超出視野; 超出支付能力的

The price of the house we like is out of sight.


His grandmother has been out of sight for many years.


好極了; 太棒了; 十全十美

That birthday gift was really out of sight. 那件生日禮物實在是太棒了。

in sight看得見

Peace is now in sight. 和平在望。

The COVID-19 vaccines were in sight. 新冠肺炎的疫苗已經臨近。

out of spite  出於惡意,為了泄憤

He threw away my best toy just out of spite


out of stock 無庫存

The eggs are out of stock in the store.店裡已經沒有雞蛋的庫存了。

out of the ordinary 不正常的; 例外的; 特殊的

Her artwork is really out of the ordinary. 她的藝術品真是不同凡響。

out of the question 不可能的

Don’t mention the matter again, and it’s out of the question. 不要再提起這件事,那是不可能的。

It’s out of the question that Mary will go on a date with Jack.


out of question 不成問題的,毫無疑問,不在話下 =no doubt

It’s out of question that Cindy will agree with Hank.


in question 正在談論的(問題等)

That is not the point in question. 那不是討論中的重點。

out of work  失業; 出故障

He has been out of work for months. 他已幾個月沒有工作了。

This machine is out of work. 這台機器出了故障。

in work有工作, 在完成之中

He has been in work since he graduated from college. 自從他大學畢業以來他一直在工作。

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