on time in time at the end of in the end使用差異

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on time in time 使用差異

on time 準時 =punctual,not late.If something happens on time, it happens at the time that was planned.

The conference was very well orangeized. Everything began and finished on time. (那場會議被安排得很好,任何事情都準時開始也準時結束。)

in time 及時 =soon enough

Will yo be home in time for dinner?(soon enough for dinner)

I’d better hurry. I want to get home to see the baseball game on TV. 我最好趕緊,我想要及時回家看電視棒球比賽。(剛好趕得上看棒球比賽的時間)

at the end of in the end使用差異

At the end of 在…的最後= at the time when something ends

at the end of the month 月底at the end of January 一月底
at the end of the game 比賽結尾at the end of the movie 電影結束時
at the end of the course 課程結束時at the end of the concert在演唱會結束時

I am going away at the end of Aprill.我將在四月底前離開。

At the end of the concert, there was great applause. 演唱會結束時,有大量的掌聲。

at the end of 相反詞 at the beginning of 一開始

In the end 最後=finally (We use in the end when we say what the final result of a situation was)

We had a lot of problem with our car. In the end we sold it and bought another one.我們車子有許多問題,最後我們賣了它,又買了另外一台。

The teacher got angrier and angrier. In the end he just walked out of the classroom.老師越來越生氣,最終,他走出教室。

Tim couldn’t decide where to go on vacation. He didn’t go anywhere in the end.提姆無法決定該去哪裡度假,最後他哪都沒去。

in the end 的相反詞 at first 最初

At first we didn’t like each other very much, but in the end we became good friends.起初我們不適很喜歡對方,但最後我們成為好朋友。

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