none of not all of all of 全部否定部分否定用法

Power Station invited fifty fans to the party.

狀況一 → All of them came.   全部的粉絲都來了(50位)

狀況二 → Not all of them came. 有一部分的粉絲來了 (一部分)

狀況三 → None of them came. 所有的粉絲都沒來。(0位)

否定詞放句首,表示「完全否定」,如no、none、neither、never、not (never) … at all等。


All of them can do it.他們所有人都做得到。Not all of them can do it.他們並非所有人都能做到。None of them can do it.他們沒人能做到。
He is always late.他總是遲到。He is not always late.他並不總是遲到。He is never late.他從來都不遲到。
Both doors are open.兩扇門都開著。Not both doors are open.並非兩扇門都開著。Neither door is open.Neither of the doors is open.沒有一扇門是開著的。

None of my/your business. / Mind your own business. 「不關你/我的事!」

both 只能用於肯定句。

Neither of 與 none of 使用差異之處

Neither of表示「兩者之間都沒有」 none of 是三者(或三者以上)之中都沒有

Mary has two brothers. Neither of them is engineers. (Mary 有兩位哥哥,沒有一位是工程師。

Mary has ten cats. None of them likes water. (Mary 有10 隻貓,沒有一隻喜歡水。)

All of the cats dislike water.(貓咪都討厭水。)


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