mean to vr 打算做及mean ving 意思是

mean to vr 打算做用法

mean to V 有意要…(=intend to V)

I meant to help the old lady, but she turned me down.我想要幫助那位老婦人,但他拒絕我了。

I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you . 很抱歉,我不有意傷害你。

  • 辨別 be meant to 必須要;一定要

Some great books are meant to make people think and remembered for ever. 有些偉大著作發人深思, 讓人永遠記住。

mean Ving/N 意思是;表示

The sign means no smoking.那個標示是說禁止吸菸。

Your action means agreeing with Mary. 你的行動表示你贊同Mary.

mean a lot 有意義

mean a lot to sb. 對誰有意義

It means a lot to me. 這對我意義重大。

Dancing in public meant a lot to Judy.在眾人面前跳舞對Judy意義重大。

mean a little to sb. 對誰沒什麼意義

Studying hard means a little to me.用功讀書對我來說只有少許意義。

mean nothing to sb. 對誰無意義

Winning the first prize means nothing to him after he lost his wife.在他失去他老婆後,贏得第一名對他來說毫無意義。


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