many much a few a little some any數量詞用法

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many +複數可數名詞(可以明確數出的人事物)

much +不可數名詞 (抽象、聞不到、摸不著、無固定形狀大小)




noodle(s) 麵無固定大小但可數



同時為可數與不可數名詞:pie,cake 完整時可數,切開不可數。

Many much 用法

I have many apples. 我有很多蘋果。

She eats many vegetables.她吃很多蔬菜。

There is much food in the kitchen.有許多食物在廚房。

I have much money.我有許多錢。

My husband bought much beef yesterday.我老公昨天買了許多牛肉。

A lot of =lots of +可數複數型名詞或不可數名詞皆可


I have many friends.  =I have a lot of friends. =I have lots of friends.我有許多朋友。

Judy bought a lot of apples.= Judy bought many apples.= Judy bought lots of apples.Judy買了很多蘋果。

I have much juice.=I have a lot of juice.=I have lots of juice.我有許多果汁。

She drank a lot of water.= She drank much water.= She drank lots of water.她喝了很多水。

some any 使用差別

some 則是接可數複數型名詞與不可數名詞皆可  表一些、有些

some 用於肯定句      any 則用於否定與疑問句或條件句

I have some problems in learning English. 我在學習英文上有一些問題。

Do you have any questions? 你有任何問題嗎?

Some 用於疑問句時「請求、邀請」,表示期望對方肯定回答

Would you like some tea? (詢問對方是有要喝茶,表邀請之意)

Would you lend me some money? (請求對方借錢)

Would you give me some eggs? 你可以給我一些雞蛋嗎?(請求語氣)

Would you like to have some ice cream? 你想要吃一些冰淇淋嗎?(邀請語氣)

someone= somebody有些人    something 某事物  anyone =anybody 任何人 anything   任何事 使用方式亦同,只是這類代名詞的形容詞放在後面

I felt something wrong.(我覺得不對勁)

A number of =many (許多的~)

A number of the students are good at Chinese. 許多學生擅長國文。

The number of Ns +單數動詞(~的數目)  指什麼的數量

The number of bears is getting smaller because they were killed by people who sell their body as medicine.熊的數量已經漸漸減少了,因為人麼把他們殺了且把他們的身體拿去做藥。

a few a little 使用差異

a few +可數名詞 (一些)

a little +不可數名詞 (一些)

I have a few pens.     I drink a little water.

few +可數名詞 (少許)  含否定意味      little +不可數名詞 (少許)

注意: few 比 a few 更少  意思為一點點幾乎沒有


many much a few a little some any 使用方式比較表

some一些 表邀請時可以使用
Would you like some tea?
a few一些   
a little一些   

( A ) 1.There ________some cake on the table.

                   (A) is (B) are (C) have (D) has

( C ) 2. Tina doesn’t feel(感覺)well. She only has_______rice for dinner.

                  (A) lots of (B) few (C) a little (D) any

( A ) 3. Judy eats ____ vegetables(蔬菜)every day. She has a healthy diet(健康的飲食).

                 (A) lots of (B) few (C) little (D) any

( D ) 4. Kevin lost(遺失)his money(錢). Now, he doesn’t have ______ money with him.   

                (A) lots of (B) few (C) a little (D) any

( B ) 5. Ann: I’m so hungry. Is there anything to eat?  

                  Ben: Yes, there_______ some noodles at home.

                (A) is (B) are (C) have (D) has

( B ) 6. The town(城鎮)is very small. Only_____people know it.    

                (A) lots of (B) few (C) a little (D) many


( D ) 1.  After a big party, it took(花費)me______ time to clean the apartment(公寓). I’m tired  (疲倦的)now.     【100-1-12】
     (A) enough                 (B) every                     (C) little                       (D) some

( B ) 2. When Sean came to Taiwan several(好幾個)years ago(在……以前), _____ people knew about him. But now he is a famous(著名的)cook in Taiwan.【98-2-12】
(A) any                       (B) few                        (C) little                       (D) most

( C ) 3. Elsa: Did Eric buy(買)any vegetables(蔬菜)in the market(市場)?
    Bob: No, he didn’t, but he bought ______ fish.     【92-1-15】
    (A) no                          (B) any                        (C) some                      (D) both

( C ) 4. Tina: The bread(麵包)looks delicious! You want to buy(買)some?
    Carl: I’d love to, but I don’t have______ money with me now.    【91-2-14】
    (A) no                          (B) all                          (C) any                        (D) some

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