Many a +單數名詞 +單數動詞

Many a +單數名詞 +單數動詞  表示許多~

例如:Many a student wants to be a doctor in the future. (未來有許多學生想要成為醫生。)

=Many students want to be a doctor in the future.

as many 和 so many =the same number of 前有as, like 時只用so many

as much 表同量和同一件事情

He bought two pounds of beef as much pork. 他牛肉與豬肉都同樣買兩磅。

A number of +複數名詞 +複數動詞

A number of people  are dancing in the park.


The number of +複數名詞 +單數動詞

 The number of pages in the storybook is twenty. (這本故事書有20頁)

dozens of times  幾十次

He looks at his cellphone dozens of times  every day. 他每天要頻繁地察看手機。

A dozen times  12次 用於回答 How many times….?

How many times do you play on your cellphone every day?


I play on my cellphone a dozen times a day.我每天要玩幾十次。


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