It is no use Ving 做…沒有用 後接ving的動詞片語

最後更新日期:2022 年 11 月 23 日

It is no use Ving 做…沒有用

=It is no use +V-ing =There is no use +V-ing

=There is no point+V-ing= There is no sense+V-ing

There is no point (in) protesting against it.(抗議那件事沒有用。)

There is no sense in pretending you don’t care. 假裝你不在乎是沒有意義的。

S+ spend time+(in)+V-ing …(花時間做某事。)

Cindy spends time doing the dishes. Cindy花時間洗碗。

He spent the whole day doing this exercise.


S+waste time+(in)+ V-ing … (浪費時間做某事。)

Judy wastes all day surfing the Internet.Judy浪費一整天時間上網。

Johnson wasted two hours (in) looking for the missing dog,


S+have a hard time+(in)+V-ing ….(經歴艱苦的時間⋯·。)

Helen has a hard time communicating with the professor. Helen無法與指導教授溝通(溝通不良)。

He had a hard time (in) carrying the day.


S+have a lot of fun+(in)+V-ing…(做某事有很多樂趣。)

Eric has a lot of fun traveling around the world. Eric樂於環遊世界。

We had fun (in) doing that job.(我們有很多樂趣做那件工作。)

S + have difficulty (/trouble/bother)+(in)+ …(做某事有困難/麻煩)

Tina had difficulty in speaking English, but she can speak English fluently now.


I have much difficulty (trouble/ bother) (in) getting along with him.


S +have no business+V-ing (or/to+V-root)(没有權利做某事)

You have no business ( =right) interfering (/to interfere) in this matter.


have difficulty ving 做某事有困難


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