take 用法總整理

take 用法總整理 take-took-taken-taking

1.拿;握;取Take it with your hand.(用你的手拿)
2.吃;喝;飲What time do you take lunch? (你幾點吃午餐)
3.引導;帶Cindy took her pet to the vet. (Cindy帶她的寵物去看獸醫)take 人 to 地方 (帶某人去某處)   take me home(帶我回家) Nick took Judy to the party (Nick帶Judy去派對。)
4. 搭;乘We take the MRT to Taipei Zoo.(我們搭捷運去台北市立動物園)They took the bus to the museum.(他們搭公車去博物館)
5. (事)花費
It takes me much time to study English.
6.慣用語take medicine (吃藥)take a seat (坐下)  
take a shower/bath (沐浴/洗澡)
take a walk (散步)
take care (當心;保重)
take a rest (休息)
Take it easy.(放輕鬆;別緊張)
take a picture (拍照)
take a break (休息一下) = take a rest. take care of (照顧)
take one’s time 不慌不忙;慢慢來 
後接V-ing Take your time doing the dishes, don’t break them. 洗碗慢慢來不要把碗打破。
take on 承擔…角色/挑戰/責任
take off 脫下(衣服); 起飛; 起步
Please take off your shoes at the door. 請把鞋子脫在門邊。
The plane has taken off before you arrived at the airport. 在你抵達機場前,飛機已經起飛。
take in 收容…; 吸收; 攝取
take out 拿出去
take it out on 人 把氣出在某人身上
take away 拿走; 拿開
take over 接手; 接管
take up 佔用(時間, 空間等)
take down 抄下; 拿下
take back 載回
take after 像/追趕
Try to take after your father who is a hard-working person. 試著像你父親一樣做個努力工作的人。 take away 拿走
take along 帶著
take over 替代; 接班
take up 花費
take advantage of (佔便宜)
advantage 意指有利條件;優勢


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