How to use some & any

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How to use some & any

In a sentence, we put some and any before a noun phrase. Therefore, please be careful and don’t use some or any after the noun.


we use some in Affirmative sentence.  some用於肯定句。

I need some butter. 我需要一些奶油。  

some is before the noun    some置於名詞butter之前。

We have some food. 我們有一些食物。  

some comes before the word food   some用來修飾food 

We can use some in the request.    some可以用於期待或鼓勵對方回答yes或表願意幫忙的問句中,這些問句通常是禮貌請求、徵求允許、詢問意願、提出建議或反問的疑問句。

Can I take some time off ? 我可以休假一段時間嗎?  我們使用some徵求老闆的允許。

we use some here because it’s a request making a request to your boss first.

Will you give me some space? 你可以給我一些空間嗎? 這句我們可以從will you give me分辨這是請求別人的用法。

We can tell will you give me this is a very good hint that someone is asking for something else.

Can he take care of some things for me? 他可以替我處理一些事情嗎?

In this case it’s asking for help in a situation so it’s a request we should use the word some.


Would you like some wine ? 你想來點酒嗎? 期待與鼓勵對方say Yes。提供對方一些飲食時常用。

Would you like to have some tea? 喝點茶好嗎?

We use any in negative statements ,so for example I don’t have any money here. “ Do not” is the negative here. 

any用於否定句,因此以I don’t have any money here.(我這裡沒有一毛錢)為例。Do not 就是否定句。 

We should use any before  nouns. any 一樣使用於名詞前面修飾名詞。

Cindy doesn’t have any friends here. Cindy 在此處沒有任何一位朋友。

We use any with questions yet ,but we use requests and offers we just learned that we use some to make requests and offers.So if other questions like information questions. 


 For example ,we use any in these cases.  例如我們這樣使用any

 Do we need any salt? 我們需要任何的鹽嗎?

 This is an information question yes or no. 這是一個yes,or疑問句。

 Does he have any books ? 他有任何的的書本嗎?

This is an information question the person try asking for information so we should use any here. 

some 與any使用方式

Different 不同之處some肯定句用於期待對方說yes、請求、提供
Same 相同之處some
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