be in the habit of Ving 養成~的習慣英文怎麼說

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be in the habit of Ving 養成~的習慣

have/has the habit of Ving/N

=get into the habit of Ving

=fall into the habit of Ving

=make the habit of Ving

Cindy has the habit of doing the dishes after meal.(Cindy有飯後洗碗的習慣。)

Hank is in the habit of jogging in the morning. (Hank有早晨跑步的習慣。)

Judy gets into the habit of washing hands before meal.(Judy養成飯前洗手的習慣。)

I fall into the babit of listening to music.(我養成聽音樂的習慣)。

The students make the habit of raising their hands before speak. (學生們養成發問前先舉手的習慣。)

give up the habit of Ving 改變習慣英文

give up the habit of Ving(改掉~的習慣)

Judy gives up the habit of smoking. (Judy改掉抽菸的習慣。)

break the habit of N 戒除~習慣

=get out of N

I break the habit of using my cellphone all the time. (我改掉我總是划手機的習慣。)

change the habit 改變~習慣

Ted changed his habits after he graduated from senior high school. Ted當他從高中畢業後,他改變了他的習慣。

go out of the habit 改掉~習慣

I want to go out of the habit of staying up late.我想要改掉熬夜的習慣。

pick up the habit of N 染上……習慣

The boy has picked up his mother’s habit of using the smartphone all the time.那男孩已經染上和他母親一直使用手機的習慣。

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