How many How much 詢問數量的用法

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How many用法


疑問詞How many置於問句句首,後面接著複數可數名詞。助動詞依照主詞作變化,第三人稱單數為does,其餘為do。助動詞之後的動詞皆為原形動詞,動詞字尾無需動詞變化

How many肯定答句:

I/We/You/Theyhave/needsix (apples).six boxes (of apples).
five (apples).three bags (of apples).

How many否定答句:


How many 句型練習:

How many flowers do you need?(你需要幾朵花?) 

I don’t need any.(我不需要任何花。)

How many dogs does she have?(她有多少隻狗?)

She has two dogs.(她有兩隻狗。)

1.  Neil: Cindy有幾臺車呢? Zora: 她有四臺車。

     Neil: How many cars does Cindy have?        Zora: She has four cars.

2.  Megan不需要任何洋娃娃。

  Megan doesn’t need any dolls。 

How much用法:



two bottles(瓶)/ cups(馬克杯)/ glasses(玻璃杯)/ cans(罐)ofmilk / water…
five pieces(塊;張;片)ofcake / pie…
two boxes(盒)ofcookies / candy…
one bowl(碗)ofnoodles / rice…
five bags(袋)oforanges / flour…

  (1) There are three bags of rice in my car.(我車上有三袋米。)

  (2)  I’m so thirsty. Can I have a cup of tea?(我好渴。我可以來杯茶嗎?)


Ken: How much ice cream is there on the table?(桌上有多少冰淇淋?)

Ben: There are two boxes (of ice cream).(有兩盒(冰淇淋)。)

Ken: There isn’t any drinking water at home.(家裡沒有任何飲用水。)
Bill: Don’t worry. There are two bottles (of water) in my car.  (別擔心。我車上有兩瓶(水)。)


How muchricedoyou/we/theyhave/need?


I/We/You/Theyhave/needten bowls (of rice).
He/Shehasneedsnine bowls (of rice).



How much pork do you have?(你有多少豬肉?)

I have a gram of pork.〔我有一公克的豬肉。〕

1.  Bob: 你有多少鹽巴呢?  Amy: 我有一茶匙鹽巴。

Bob: How ___much____ salt do you__have______?   

    Amy: I have a teaspoon ____of_____ ____salt_____.

 2.  我們不需要奶茶。

     We don’t _____need_______  ____any______ milk tea.

 3. Avery: How ______much______ bread does she _____need_______?(她需要多少的麵包呢?)

     Candy: She ____needs________ ______two______ slices of ______bread______.(她需要兩片麵包。)

4.  他的車沒有油了。

     His car doesn’t have ____any_____ _____gas_______.

5.Peter: 這道菜有多少肉? Evan: 這道菜有四片肉。

     Peter:  How much meat is there in this dish?

     Evan:  There are four pieces of meat in this dish.

 How many be動詞句型:

這句型主要是詢問某地方有多少物品數量或在某大物品內,有多少小物品數量。疑問詞How many置於問句句首,後面接著複數可數名詞,並以複數be動詞及there來連用。


How manypeachesare therein the kitchen?in the bag?


There isA peachin the the bag.
There aresix peachesthree boxes of peachesin the the bag.


Thereare not(aren’t)anypeachesin the the bag.

      How many students are there in the classroom ?(教室有幾位學生?)

  There is one student in the classroom.(教室有一位學生。)

  There are twelve students in the classroom..(教室有12位學生。)

  There aren’t any students in the classroom..(教室沒有學生。)

( A ) 1.There     some cake on the table.   (A) is (B) are    (C) have   (D) has

( C ) 2. Tina doesn’t feel(感覺)well. She only has     rice for dinner.

                 (A) lots of  (B) few   (C) a little (D) any

( A ) 3. Judy eats     vegetables(蔬菜)every day. She has a healthy diet(健康的飲食).
(A) lots of                  (B) few                       (C) little                     (D) any

( D ) 4. Kevin lost(遺失)his money(錢). Now, he doesn’t have     money with him.   

                 (A) lots of               (B) few                       (C) a little                  (D) any

( B ) 5. Ann: I’m so hungry. Is there anything(任何東西)to eat?    Ben: Yes, there     some noodles at home.
(A) is                          (B) are                        (C) have                     (D) has

( B ) 6. The town(城鎮)is very small. Only     people know it.    

                (A) lots of    (B) few   (C) a little                  (D) many

1.     Kay: 桌上有幾隻湯匙呢? Max: 桌上有三隻湯匙。

        Kay:  How many spoons are there on the table?

        Max:   There  are three  spoons on the table.

2.Kay: 牆上有幾張照片呢? Max: 牆上沒有任何一張照片。

        Kay:  How many photos are there on the wall?

        Max:  There isn’t any photos on the wall.

3.Ben: 教室有多少學生呢?   Hank:教室有23位學生。

Ben: How many students are there in the classroom?

Hank: There are twenty-three students in the classroom.

4. Amy:箱子裡有多少顆蛋呢? Nini: 箱子裡有五顆蛋。

Amy: How many eggs are there in the box?  Nini: There are five eggs in the box.


疑問詞How many置於問句句首,後面接著複數單位量詞+介系詞+不可數名詞,並以複數be動詞及there來連用。在否定答句中,any會放在複數單位量詞的前面。


How manybottles(瓶)of juiceare thereon the table?in the bag?


There isa bottle(瓶)of juiceon the the bag.
There aretwo bottles(瓶)of juiceon the the bag.


Thereare not(aren’t)anybottles(瓶)of juiceon the the bag.

How many bags of rice are there on the desk?(桌上有幾袋米?)

There are two bags of rice on the desk.(桌上有兩袋米。)

1. Jenny: 你們需要幾碗飯? Kevin: 我們需要七碗飯。

Jenny: How many bowls of rice do you need? Kevin:    We need seven bowls of rice.

2.  Jerry: 他們有幾盤雞肉? Helen: 他們有二盤雞肉。

Jerry: How many plates of chickens do they have? Helen:They have two plates of chicken.

3.  Ella: 廚房有幾袋米? Carl: 廚房有一袋米。

    Ella:  How many bags of rice are there in the kitchen?

    Carl: There is a/one bag of rice in the kitchen.

4.  Bruce: 店裡有幾杯水? Debby: 店裡有二十杯水。

Bruce:  How many cups of water are there in the shop?

Debby:  There are twenty cups of water in the shop.

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