have difficulty ving 有困難…文法

最後更新日期:2023 年 01 月 31 日

have difficulty ving 有困難…

這個英文片語中,其實是省略介係詞in,原本句型應為have difficulty (in),因為介係詞之後遇到動詞需使用動名詞ving,所以才有這樣的句型。

Judy has difficulty communicating with others. Judy和他人溝通有困難。

Hank had difficulty writting before.Hank以前有書寫方面的困難。

have trouble ving 做某事有困難

I have trouble solving the problem. 我解決這個問題有困難。

Lliy has trouble answering the math question. Lily在回答數學題目有困難。

have a hard time ving 做…有困難

Jane has a hard time swimming. Jane 在游泳方面有困難。

have/has fun ving 有興趣…

We had fun talking online last night.我們昨晚網聊很愉快。

Gigi has fun planting the flowers. Gigi有種花的興趣。

have a good time ving…玩得很愉快

Kate has a good time taking photos.



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