have a big sale on sale for sale 意思差在哪

商店have a big sale (~店舉行拍賣)

The meow meow department store has a big sale today. 今天喵喵百貨公司舉行拍賣。

物 be on sale (某物減價出售)

The A4 paper is on sale. A4紙減價出售。

The latest washing machines are on sale. 最新型的洗衣機正在特價中。

物 be for sale (某物出售)

The 3D printer is for sale. 3D列印機有販售。→指的是現在有販售這樣東西,但這項東西並沒有特價。

The famous singer’s album will be for sale next Wednesday.



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  • have a big sale on sale for sale意思差在哪
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