go on vs. continue文法

go on 的用法:

go on with N(繼續做某事)

go on +Ving (繼續做某事)

go on + to VR (「做完某事」接著做「另外一件事」)

Please go on with your housework.=Please go on doing your housework.


After the speech, he went on to answer our question.


After Judy finished the report, she went on to send it to her professor.



continue to ving/to RV 兩者皆表示繼續做….

Cindy continued to go shopping online.=Cindy continued going shopping online.

(Cindy 繼續線上購物。)

Please continue to do your homework.=Please continue doing your homework.


keep on 用法

keep on ving 表示繼續做….

He kept on doing his homework. (他繼續做他的作業)

Whithout saying a word, Hank kept on sitting there.(沒有說一句話,Hank繼續坐在那裡。)


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