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drop out of school 輟學

There are many factors that lead students to drop out of school, including family problem, poor acdemic performance, and drug abuse.


drop sb. a line/note 寫信給某人

John was so busy on college that he seldom dropped his parents a line.


drop by 順道拜訪

On my way home from school, I dropped by the convenient store and bought some bread.


drop off 用車把人或物送到某處

My mother dropped me off at school and then went to work.


deliver/give/make a speech to Sb. /on sth. 對某人/某事發表演講

The professor gave a speech on global warming.


ask +sb.+sth.  向某人詢問某事

I ask you a question.

ask +sth +of +sb. 向某人詢問某事

I ask a question of the teacher.

ask +sb.+for+sth. 向某人索取某物

She asked her father for a dog.

ask +sb+to VR 要求某人做某事

She asked her friend to go out for dinner.

ask for it 自討苦吃

justice 正義  用法

bring justice to sb/sth.= do sb./sth.justice公平對待/洽當處理

This postcard doesn’t do justice to the wonderful scenery.


do oneself justice 充分發揮自己的能力

He didn’t do himself justice in the exams. 他在考試中沒有發揮出自己的能力。

poetic justice 因果報應;現世報

The end justice the means. 只要目的正確,任何手段都算正確

Justice has long arms.法網恢恢,疏而不漏

  • mean to vr 打算做及mean ving 意思是
  • With regard to 與 in regard to及regarding 用法
  • be responsible for sth. 對…負責
  • Give sb. a hand vs Give sb. a big hand
  • make it possible for 人to V使某人能文法
  • be made from be made of 文法
  • 區別A與B英文怎麼說 A be different from B in
  • differ in differ from differ with 用法
  • work in /work for /work out /work at
  • out of fashion out of 系列片語
  • 輪流做某事英文怎麼說
  • use your noodle 是什麼意思
  • 英語片語 eat humble pie 坦承錯誤
  • 說服某人做某事英文怎麼說 persuade sb. into v-ing
  • 開心高興英文怎麼說be delighted to VR
  • 竭盡全力做某事 英文怎麼說
  • 英文避免某人做某事怎麼說
  • 顏色英語片語
  • drop片語
  • 英文片語 適應總整理
  • time片語
  • come on 的用法
  • way 相關片語
  • look up /look up to sb



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