die death dead 用法與片語


1.die down 逐漸減弱;降低(. flames, storms, pain dying down 火焰越來越小、風暴漸漸減弱、疼痛逐漸消失)

These rumors will soon die down. 這些謠言不久就會逐漸消失。

2. die out 滅絕;消失 ((指家族、物等)死光, 滅絕, 絕跡)

(指習俗、做法等)消失, 過時.)

The population of koalas in the wild is in danger of dying out.

3.die away 逐漸消失  (減弱(以至察覺不到); 淡化)

 As we drove away from the scene of the fire, the roaring sound of the blaze died away.

4.die hard 執著;不易改變(通常都會配合介系詞of 使用)

As the saying goes old habits die hard. 俗語說舊習難改

I am a die hard fans of Adele. 我是Adele的忠實粉絲

5. be dying for sth./to + VR 渴望;極想

I am dying to hear from you.


I’m dying for a hot milk


6. die off相繼死去

The leaves of the tree are dying off.


7.die from 用於因意外或受傷而死

She died from a car accident. 她在車禍中喪命。

8.die of則是因疾病或飢餓而死

She died of cancer. 她癌症去世的。

9.die for+國家ˋ信念ˋ信仰

 She died for her believes. 她爲了她的理念犧牲了。
10. I’ll love you until my dying day. 至死不渝

11. Never say die. 永不放棄

12. die a natural death 壽終正寢


sentence/put someone to death判某人死刑Bleed to death  流血致死Starve to death活活餓死
be beaten death  被打死choke to death  噎死 fall to one’s death活活摔死
frightened to death被嚇死Jump to one’s death跳樓自殺meet one’s death死亡

Die 為動詞  dying (垂死的) died 

Dead 為形容詞  

Death 為名詞

He died. (他死了, 表示已發生)

He is dying. (他快死了)

He died one year ago. 他一年前死亡了(過去事實)
dead  指死亡狀態 可以用完成式 因為狀態是會持續的 
He has been dead for one year. 


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