(1) William is taller than Samuel.(William身高比Samuel高。)          (2) The car is more expensive than the truck.(那輛汽車價格比那輛卡車貴。)


1. 規則變化

單音節字尾直接加 -ersmallsmaller
字尾為不發音e,直接加 -rlargelarger
字尾為「短母音+單子音」,重複字尾子音字母再加 -erhothotter
字尾為「子音+y」,去字尾 -y 加 -ierprettyprettier
雙音節字尾為「子音+y」,去字尾 -y 加 -ierbusybusier
直接在形容詞前加morehandsomemore handsome
多音節三個音節以上,在形容詞前加morefamousmore famous

2.  不規則變化:


(1) good → better     

(2) bad → worse       

(3) many / much → more        

(4) little → less               

(5) far → farther / further        

(6) old → older / elder

3.有些雙音節形容詞,字尾直接加 -er,也可在字前加 more 來形成比較級

(1) quiet → quieter / more quiet         (2) polite → politer / more polite

(3) simple → simpler / more simple   (4) common → commoner / more common

1. elder 為英式英語,用在指家庭關係中表示長幼順序中「較年長的」,且用在名詞之前。


Jeff is Amy’s elder / older brother.(Jeff是Amy的哥哥。)

He’s two years older than Amy.(他的年紀比Amy大兩歲。)

(X)He’s two years elder than Amy. → elder要放在名詞之前

2. farther與further在比較級中,若指的是實際距離上的「更遠」,兩者意思相同;但若要指程度上「更進一步的」,則用further。

【○】My home is farther / further than the library.(我家的距離比圖書館還遠。)

For further information, please ask Jane.(如想知道進一步的資訊,請問Jane。)

【╳】For farther information, please ask Jane.→ farther沒有「進一步的」的意思

3. late的比較級later意為「較遲的」,表示時間上較晚發生的。


(1) Super junior became famous in 2005. Twice was later than Super junior.

(Super junior在2005年成名。Twice比Super junior晚。)

(2) Between A mei and Jolin, the latter one is younger.

(在 阿妹 與蔡依林之間,後者比較年輕。)

*  很少 few – fewer – fewest + 可數名詞        little – less – least + 不可數名詞    




例:The bread smells better than the cake.

(這個麵包聞起來比那個蛋糕還香。)  → 比較兩種食物的味道,動詞smell為連綴動


 例:Yesterday was hot, but today is even hotter.(昨天很熱,但今天甚至更熱。) → 比較兩天的天氣,由於前一句已說明比較對象,故後一句省略than yesterday

 (3) 避免重複對稱的比較對象,可用that代替單數名詞或不可數名詞,用those代替複數名詞。

The climate of Kaohsiung is hotter than that of Taipei. → 比較高雄和臺北的天氣,省略重複的名詞the climate,改用代名詞that。(高雄的氣候比臺北的氣候還要熱。)

The bananas in this basket are sweeter than those on the table.  → 比較籃子裡和桌子上的香蕉,省略重複的名詞the bananas,改用代名詞those。   


(4) 若比較的對象為相同的人或物品時,可將句中重複出現的「所有格+名詞」以「所有格代名詞」 代替。Her ruler is longer than mine.(她的尺比我的尺長。)→ 比較兩個人的尺,省略重複的名詞ruler,改用所有格代名詞mine(= my ruler)

(5)「兩者之中」的比較:「A+be動詞+the+形容詞比較級+of the two(+複數名詞).」 Nancy is the more beautiful of the two.(Nancy是兩者之中比較漂亮的。)

David is the smarter of the two boys(David是這兩個男孩之中比較聰明的。)

(6) 形容詞比較級前,可以加上副詞much、a lot、a little、even來修飾,但不可用very直接修 飾形容詞比較級。

【╳】He is very taller than his father. → very不可直接修飾比較級taller

【○】He is much taller than his father. → much修飾taller(他比他父親高多了。)



1. Your apple is bigger than her.

 Your apple is bigger than hers.                         

2. Justin is more healthier than his brother.

Justin is much / a lot healthier than his brother.                                               

3. Canada is more bigger than Taiwan.

 Canada is much / a lot bigger than Taiwan.     

4. Her book is good than Emma.

 Her book is better than Emma’s.                     

5. Yoga Lin’s songs are popular than you.

Yoga Lin’s songs are more popular than yours.                                                          

2. Which(+單數名詞)+is+形容詞比較級, A or B?

 例:Which is sweeter, the apple or the mango?(這蘋果和這芒果哪一個比較甜?)

3. 原級比較:「A+be動詞或連綴動詞+as+形容詞原級+as+B.」。

 例:(1) Terry is as handsome as Bob.(Terry和Bob一樣帥。)

(2) My cat looks as big as your dog.(我的貓看起來和你的狗一樣大。)

比較級否定句 not as as

Jack is not as tall as Tom.

= Tom is taller than Jack.

= Jack is shorter than Tom.


  I don’t have as many books as you.

= You have more books than I.

= I have fewer books than you.

This car isn’t as expensive as that one.

=That car is more expensive than this one.

= This car is cheaper than that one.

*Jack is not taller than Tom.  不完全等於 Jack is shorter than Tom.


I didn’t come earlier than you. We may come here at the same time.我沒有比你早到,我們可能同時到達。

I don’t have more pens than you. Maybe I have as many pens as you.我筆沒有比你多,或許我和你的筆一樣多。

4. 「形容詞比較級+and+形容詞比較級」用來表示「越來越……」。

例:The weather is getting colder and colder.(天氣越來越冷。)

5. 「the+比較級句子, the+比較級句子」用來表示「兩個事物的條件一起改變」。例:The smaller the bag is, the lower the price is.(袋子越小,價格就越低。)



1.  Going camping is  more interesting  (interesting) than being a couch potato.

2.  This computer is  better  (good) than Henry’s.

3.  Sue is as  hard-working (hard-working) as Lee. They are both good students.

4.  Jay is as   young  (young) as Tiffany. They are both thirty-one years old.

5.  America looks a lot   bigger  (big) than Taiwan on the map.

6.  Taipei 101 is   taller   (tall) than the Empire State Building(帝國大廈).

7.The old man is as   healthy  (healthy) as a teenager because he practices
Tai-Chi(太極拳)every morning.

8. Hsinchu(新竹)is   windier  (windy) than any other city in Taiwan.

( A )  1. Tom is     than Jerry.

               (A) taller    (B) more tall       (C) tall      (D) very tall

( C )  2. China is     than Japan on the map.
(A) more    (B) more big    (C) much bigger     (D) much big

( B )  3. Jogging is     than playing baseball. But playing baseball is more interesting.
(A) easy     (B) easier      (C) much easy        (D) still easy

( A )  4. Natasha and Stephanie are twin sisters. Natasha is as     as Stephanie.
(A) old        (B) older          (C) much old        (D) more old

( B )  5. I am sick all the time, but my sister is never sick. She is     than I am.
(A) healthy    (B) healthier      (C) much healthy   (D) more healthy

( D )  6. Pope’s life is busier than    . He has to visit a lot of countries every year.
(A) my       (B) I        (C) me     (D) mine

( B )  7. The boy is     than other kids. He isn’t outgoing(外向的).

                (A) quiet   (B) quieter    (C) very quiet    (D) much quiet

( C )  8. Baseball fans are     this time than last time because the pitcher(投手)did something(某事)wrong again.
(A) sad         (B) more sad    (C) sadder         (D) very sad

( B )  9. The food smells     than yesterday. Please just throw it away.

                (A) bad         (B) worse     (C) very bad       (D) very worse

( A ) 10. Mariah Carey sings the song I’ll Be There beautifully. I can’t think of any other singer with a     voice.

             (A) better  (B) good (C) more

(  C   )11. Lucy looks     in pants than in a dress.

                  (A) beautiful     (B) as beautiful  (C) more beautiful    

                  (D) much beautiful

(  B  )12. Cathy was     than everyone else(其他人)when she won the game.

                     (A) very happier           (B) much happier        

                      (C) a lot happy            (D) much more happy

(  D  )13. The oranges in the bag are fresher than     in the basket.

              (A) it   (B) that   (C) them    (D) those

(  C  )14. Helen’s house is bigger than    .  (A) my (B) me  (C) mine  (D) I am

(  D  )15. The cat is     as a small tiger.

                (A) big         (B) bigger (C) more big       (D) as big


1.  Tim比Jack強壯。

Tim is stronger than Jack.                                                                                       

2.  Susan的頭髮比Mary的頭髮長。

Susan’s hair is longer than Mary’s.                                                                           

3.  Paul是這兩個學生之中比較重的那一個。

Paul is the heavier of the two students.                                                                

4.  這漢堡嚐起來比這比薩好吃得多。

The hamburger tastes much / a lot better than the pizza.                                           

5.  哪一個科目比較困難,數學或是自然科學?

 Which subject is more difficult, math or science?


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