can’t but VR /have no choice but to VR 無法選擇,不得不的用法


1.have no choice but + to RV. v.不得不;必須

= have no option but + to RV.

=can’t but + V.R.

= can’t help but + V.R.

=can’t help+Ving   忍不住(做了)~
= can’t resist +Ving 不可抗拒(做了)~

He has no choice but to laugh.   他禁不住笑起來。

=He has no option but to laugh.

=He can’t but laugh.  
= He can’t help but laugh.

=He can’t help laughing.

=He can’t resist laughing.

Tony had no choice but to go on business. Tony不得不出公差。

=Tony had no option but to go on business.

=Tony couldn’t but go on business.

=Tony couldn’t help but go on business.

=Tony couldn’t help going on business.

=Tony couldn’t resist going on business

can’t=cannot 過去式couldn’t

2.can’t do anything but + RV    不得不(做)~

Tony couldn’t do anything but go on business.

3.can’t choose but +  RV  
= don’t have any choice but +  RV  (沒得選擇)不得不~

Tony couldn’t choose but  go on business.

Tony didn’t have any choice but  go on business.

4. enjoy (nothing but)+Ving 就只享受~

He enjoys going hiking. 他喜歡健行活動。

He enjoys nothing but going hiking.

5. think of (nothing but)+Ving 就只想到~

He think of doing something right. 他只想到做對的事。

6.cannot help oneself from doing控制不了他自己

=can’t help oneself = can’t resist + Ving

I can’t help myself. 我情不自禁. 我無法控制自己。

Daniel can’t help himself (from ) eating sweet food. 丹尼爾無法克制自己吃甜食。

= Daniel can’t resist eating sweet food.

can’t take it 無法忍受


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