be responsible for sth. 對…負責

be responsible for sth. 對…負責=take responsibility for 事物(N/ving)

The police are responsible for protecting people and property.警察負責保護人民及財產。

Drivers should take responsibility to the passengers for their safety.司機應該為乘客的安全負責。

be responsible to 人=take responsibility to 人 對…負責

As a teacher, he should be responsible for his students.身為老師,他應該對他的學生負責。

=As a teacher, he should take responsible for his students.

Everyone should be responsible for their own actions.


be accountable for 對…負責

The government should be held accountable for the death of health people who infected with the COVID-19. 政府應該為感染新冠肺炎而死亡的人負責。

be responsilbe for 表示原因

Heavy rains were responsible for the shortage of watermelons. 大雨是西瓜短缺的原因。


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