assist/consist/resist/persist/insist 用法

Assist    n.幫助;援助;機器助手;輔助裝置; vt.幫助;援助;幫助某人做某事;攙扶(某人)上下車;


1.(在某方面)幫助,援助,協助 (in, with)。

2.幫助某人做某事 (in doing sth; to do sth)。

3. assist an architect in project 幫助設計師搞設計

She assisted him in correcting [to correct] the proof. 她幫助他做改校樣的工作

I assisted my son with homework. 我幫助兒子做作業。

assist a child to food 給小孩餵食。

assist at a graduation ceremony參加畢業典禮

assist sb. with a task幫助某人做某事

assist sb. to his feet攙扶某人站起來

consist vi.由…組成 (of)。

A machine consists of a lot of parts.   機器是由許多零件組成的

2.存在於 (in)。包含在…中,表現為

Happiness consists in contentment. 幸福在乎知足。

3.(與…)一致,適合;並存,並立 (with)。

His action consists with reason .他的行動合乎理性。


1. 表示“抵抗;反抗;抗拒”,既可用作及物動詞,也可用作不及物動詞。

The nation was unable to resist the invasion. 該國無力抵抗侵略。

If the enemy continue to resist, wipe them out. 如果敵人繼續抵抗, 就把他們消滅掉。  


This special coating is designed to resist rust. 這一特別的塗層旨在抗鏽。

The bank strongly resisted cutting interest rates. 銀行強烈反對降低利率。 

 3. 表示“忍耐;忍住” (常用於否定句),可接名詞、代詞或動詞-ing形式,也可作不及物動詞。

I couldn’t resist the temptation to tease Ollie. 我忍不住要逗奧利玩。

I couldn’t resist telling him the secret. 我克制不住只得把秘密告訴了他。

 resist (vt.) 抵抗 + N →couldn’t resist + Ving 無法抗拒…、忍不住…

  = can’t help + Ving

 = can’t help but VR


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