All you can do is VR 你能做的只有…文法句型

最後更新日期:2022 年 11 月 4 日

All you can do is VR 你能做的只有…

此句型是一種「準分裂句」(pseudo-cleft sentence)用來加強「V…的部分」。亦可以寫成下列的句型。

All      + S   + can    + do + is/was + VR 

All that + S + should   + do+ is/was + VR

What     + S + have to + do+ is/was + VR

                        want to+ is/was + VR  (…只要…就行了。)

The only thing +S want to is/was VR.

說明「主詞能做的只有…」,注意be動後面接「原型動詞」,省略to。主詞後的should,can,have to,want to可互換。前面的風All ,All that,What一樣也可互換。

原句型為:All S do be (to) +原型動詞…

All you have to do is be quiet. 你必須做的事就是安靜。

What we should do is do our best to reduce air pollution.


At that moment, all that Cindy could do was cry.在當下,Cindy能做的就只有哭。

As a student, what you should do is study hard.


All you have to do is _______ the truth to the public about the singer’s wrongdoings.


(B) revealed


(D) be revealing



All we can do is _______ the patient to the hospital as soon as possible.

(A) sent (B) to send (C) sned (C) sending



to 通常可以省略,如果主詞中的動詞不是do,而是別的動詞,則to不可省略。

What I wanted was to buy a new house.(我所想要的是買一棟新房子。)


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