adapt 適應 adopt 採用 adept 內行

adapt 適應 用法

adapt 1.適應,適合=adjust 2.改編、改寫、改裝=modify

adapt oneself to sth 適應 Jenny tried hard to adapt herself to the new environment when going abroad. 珍妮努力嘗試讓自己適應新環境,當她出國時。

adapt sth to VR 改裝某物使其能… This product has been adapt to meet the customer’s need. 這個產品已經改良成符合顧客的需求。

be adapted for sth 被改編成…It’s said that the popular novel is going to be adapted for the big screen .I look forward to it. 據說那部受歡的小說即將被改編成大螢幕(電影)。我期待它。

adaptable 能適應的、適應力強的

John is a adaptable person. John是個適應力強的人。

adaptation 適應、改編n.

We should pay attention to the adaption of polar bears to globl warming.我們應該重視北極熊對全球暖化適應的問題。


The couple is going to adopt a baby girl.


Finally, the manager adopted Jimmy’s suggestion.最後經理採用了jimmy的建議。

The teacher adopted a new teaching method.老師採用了新的教學方式。


adept 擅長的、熟練的、內行的

be adept at sth 對…擅長 She is adept at dealing with all kind of complicated situations.她擅長處理各式各樣的複雜局面。


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