account for sth 用法

account for 解釋/導致,是…的原因/佔…比例

How do you accoount for the fact that the purse was found in your schoolbag?你要如何解釋,在你書包發現的錢包?

Teenagers account for the majority of our customers.青少年是我們的絕大客戶。

Can you account for your absence this Monday? 你可以解釋一下星期一缺席的原因嗎?

on account of sth/sb 因為

Cindy does not work long hours on account of her poor healthy. Cindy 無法長時間工作因為身體不好。

take sth into account 把…列入考量

I hope that you will take your future into account when you make up your mind to do something.我希望當你下定決心做某事時,把你的未來列入考量。

A good teacher takes into account the student’s ability.一位好老師會考量學生的能力。

by/from all account 根據眾人所言

By all account, Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful place. 人人都說日月潭是個漂亮的地方。

on no account 絕不可 not on any account

The report must not on any account be deleted. 那份報告絕對不能被刪除。

On no account should students use smartphone in class. 學生絕對不能上課玩手機。

blow-by-blow account 詳細報導 blow-by-blow一五一十,極為詳細的

firsthand account 第一手的敘述

eyewitness account 目擊者的描述

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