A substitute for B A取代B文法句型

A substitute for B (以A取代B)

= B give place to A = A replace B= A take the place of B

~ replace A with / by B = ~ substitute B for A (以B取代A )

Smartphones have replaced computers.

=We have replaced computers with smartphones.

=Smartphones have substituted for computers.

=We have substituted smartphones for computer.


We ‘ve run out of shower gel , so I replaced the shower gel with a bar of soap.


=We ‘ve run out of shower gel , so I substituted a bar of soap for the shower gel.

The shower gel was replaced by a bar of soap.

=A bar of soap replaced the shower gel.

=A bar of soap was substituted for the shower gel.

His father is going to be retired and give place to him.他的父親即將退休,並讓位給他。


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