a number of /a amount of/ plenty of 數量詞用法(3)

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a huge / large number of + 可數複數名詞 很多……

a small number of + 可數複數名詞  少數……

A large number of students are against the energy policy.


There are a small number of fish in this pond.


(adj.) + amounts of + 不可數名詞

= a(n) + (adj.) + amount of +不可數名詞

a huge / large amount of + 不可數名詞  很多……

a small amount of + 不可數名詞  少數……

Frank donates a huge amount of money to the charity every year.


a good/great deal of + 不可數名詞

I have a good/great deal of homework to do today.


(adj.) + quantities of + 不可數/複數可數名詞

= a(n) + (adj.) + quantity of +不可數/複數可數名詞

I have a vast quantity of housework to do every weekend.


Jessie gave me a quantity of apples.Jessie 給我很多的蘋果。

plenty of + 不可數/複數可數名詞

We’d better take a taxi to the airport right away. We don’t have plenty of time.


I have plenty of things to do.我有大量的事情要做。

a wealth of+可數名詞/不可數名詞皆可

This magazine contains a wealth of information about fashion designer這本雜誌包含了許多關於流行設計師的資訊。

large、huge、small、vast 都可以用來修飾 amount、quantity及number。

number(數字) 後接可數。 amount 與deal數量(不可數,因此後接不可數名詞)


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  • a number of /a amount of/ plenty of 數量詞用法(3)
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