2.Dennis enjoys ________in public.  He is proud of his beautiful voice. 

(A) dancing (B) drawing (C) shopping (D) singing 答案:(D)

解析:由後句的 beautiful voice(優美的聲音)可推知 Dennis 喜歡唱歌,故答案選(D)。(A)跳舞(B)畫圖(C)購物(D)唱歌。

3.Mrs. Johnson can’t hear very well.  If you need to talk to her, you must _____. 

(A) explain (B) hurry (C) listen (D) shout 答案:(D)

解析:由can’t hear very well(聽不清楚),推知要「大聲說」,故答案選(D)。(A)解釋(B)趕快(C)聆聽(D)大聲說。

4.People got very excited when they watched Ms. Smith ______ at the party. 

(A)danced (B)dancing (C)has danced (D)to dance 答案:(B)

解析:watched為感官動詞,後面接動名詞(V+ing)或原型動詞(VR)當受詞補語,故答案選(B)。相關文法概念請至:感官動詞watch see feel hear notice 感官動詞VS.連綴動詞傻傻搞不懂!!

5.I tried on these shoes in several different _______, and I thought the white pair looked best on me. (A) colors (B) prices (C) shapes (D) sizes 答案:(A)

解析:由the white pair(白色)推知前句與顏色有關,故答案選(A)。(A)顏色(B)價格(C)形狀(D)尺寸。

6.Rex did not feel the earthquake this morning. He______ in the park at the time. 

(A)jogged (B)was jogging (C)has jogged (D)would jog


解析:at the time(當時)通常搭配過去進行式,表示當下正在進行的動作,故答案選(B)。過去進行式 when 過去進行式文法

7.Mr. Lee has worked in the same store for ten years; he’s never thought about_____ his job. 

(A) changing (B) finding (C) remembering (D) starting 答案:(A)

解析:句中提到 Mr. Lee在同一家店工作十年,推知從未「改變」工作,故答案選(A)。(A)改變(B)找到(C)記得(D)開始。

8.I didn’t take the bus today because it was ______.  All the seats were taken and a lot of students were standing. 

(A) dirty (B) fast (C) full (D) wrong 答案:(C)


9.Don’t go away when you’re cooking, ______ the food might burn. 

(A) but (B) if (C) or (D) so


解析:祈使句(不要在煮飯時離開)+or(否則)+惡果(食物會燒焦),故答案選(C)。(A)但是(B)如果(C)否則(D)所以。 祈使句

10.Jerry wanted to know _____he was kicked off the soccer team, but no one gave him a good reason. 

(A) where (B) when (C) whether (D) why 答案:(D)

解析:從a good reason(好理由)推知 Jerry 想知道「為什麼」被踢出足球隊,故答案選(D)。(A)哪裡(B)何時(C)是否(D)為什麼。間接問句講義及練習題   Yes or No 疑問句改間接問句 講義

11.Jenny is already forty, doesn’t have a job and often makes trouble for her parents.  To them, she is really a(n) ______. 

(A) daughter (B) example (C) gift (D) headache答案:(D)

解析:句子提到 Jenny 已成年、沒工作又常惹麻煩,對父母而言是令人頭痛的人物,故答案選(D)。(A)女兒(B)範例(C)禮物(D)頭痛人物。

12.Ed and Jill ______camping this weekend, so they have to finish their homework by Friday. 

(A) went (B) were going (C) are going (D) have gone


解析:句中提到必須在週五前完成作業才能在週末去露營,可見露營一事尚未發生;對於已經安排好的事情,可用現在進行式代替未來式,故答案選(C)。未來式 Will & be going to

13.Doraemon, a blue Japanese robot cat, has hated mice since his ears____by a mouse. 

(A) bit (B) bite (C) were bitten (D) have bitten


解析:主詞 his ears 無法產生 bite(咬)此一動作,須用被動語態表示,故答案選(C)。被動語態英文文法

14.If we play some interesting games in class, there _____ more fun in learning English. 

(A) are (B) has (C) will be (D) will have 答案:(C)

解析:if 引導的副詞子句用現在式,主要子句以未來式表示;there be 表示「…有」,故答案選(C)。If 連接的句子到底要用現在式還是未來式 if假設語氣文法 There is/ There are 有…在….

15.The ______ of this shop was so bad; I never got any answer after I emailed them my questions. (A) item (B) business (C) price (D) service 答案:(D)


16.It’s not easy to see those islands clearly from here on sunny days, and it’s even less _____ to see them on cloudy days. 

(A) difficult (B) lucky (C) possible (D) special


解析:空格前有less(更少的→此為否定字眼用字,因此在翻譯上須把可能改為更不可能。less為littel的比較級),因此根據文意選(C) possible(可能的),表示陰天時「更不可能」看見那些島嶼,故答案選(C)。(A)困難的(B)幸運的(C)可能的(D)特別的。比較級最高級英文文法 比較級教材(教學講義)

18.Do you remember the CD I was looking for for months?  I______ found it in a small shop.  Look, here it is! 

(A) almost (B) even (C) finally (D) still 答案:(C)

解析:句中提到花了數個月找某張 CD,「終於」在小店中找到,故答案選(C)。(A)幾乎(B)甚至(C)終於(D)仍然。

19.Business at Jane’s shop has not been good these days.  And the new supermarket across the street only makes things ______.

(A) easier (B) worse (C) more boring (D) more convenient


解析:Jane 的生意不好,對面的新超市讓現況更糟,故答案選(B)。(A)更容易的(B)更糟糕的(C)更無聊的(D)更方便的。比較級最高級英文文法

20.Scott wasn’t sure if the young woman before him was ________ pulled him out of a car on fire. 

(A) who (B) the one (C) the one she (D) the one who 答案:(D)

解析:the one 是 if 子句中的主詞(the young woman)補語,同時做為關係子句(who pulled him out of a car on fire)的先行詞,故答案選(D)。關係代名詞當主詞、受詞、所有格講義 one/another/the other/the others 用法

21.I ______swimming for several years before I went to this high school.  I gave it up because of heavy schoolwork. 

(A) have practiced (B) am practicing (C) practiced (D) would practice 答案:(C)

解析:由I gave it up得知練習游泳是發生在過去的事情,因此用過去式表示,故答案選(C)。 從屬連接詞 when before after (前後同時態)

22.Frank Kane is so good in the movie that many people_____ he will win the best actor prize. 

(A) expect (B) forget (C) notice (D) plan 答案:(A)

解析:Frank Kane 表現良好,所以許多人「期待」他會得獎,故答案選(A)。(A)期待(B)忘記(C)注意(D)計畫。

23.The new medicine that just came out on the market_____ thousands of lives. 

(A) and saved (B) has saved (C) saving (D) to save 答案:(B)

解析:The new medicine(先行詞)that just came out on the market(關係子句)為本句主詞,因此空格內須填動詞,故答案選(B)。選項(A)雖然有動詞 saved,但對等連接詞and 前面是名詞,前後詞性不一致,因此不是正解。

24.Now I often think of those days with Pip, my pet dog.  When I read in my room, he ____ quietly beside me. 

(A) will come and sit (B) comes and sits 

(C) has come and sat (D) used to come and sit


解析:和寵物在一起的時光,是已經發生的事,用過去簡單式描述過去的事情,故答案選(D)。 those days 過往的時光(那些日子) 



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